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Helping organisations maximise their Workday investment

I want to ensure you get the most out of your investment in Workday, using knowledge accumulated over 7 years of Workday implementation experience.

Whether you have already started, or you are thinking about making a change, R7 Consultants can help you maximise your organisation’s potential.

Our Services

Workday Readiness

R7 Consultants can help you understand the core concepts of Workday, preparing you for the discovery sessions that you will have with your chosen partner.

Understanding those core concepts and having your requirements ready to go will put you a step ahead.


Whether you are new to Workday or need assistance in adding additional functionality, R7 Consultants can help you with configuration decisions and impact assessments, at any stage of your implementation.


Testing is an important part of a Workday implementation. With my Workday knowledge, I can help you to prioritise testing scenarios, ensuring that you test the right configurations, understand the severity of defects and know the subsequent fix times.

BAU Support Model

I know how to best structure BAU teams with the right balance of skills to manage a Workday implementation.

Having the right structure will help you to drive efficiencies and facilitate governance, resulting in a clear hierarchy and auditing process.

How can we help?

Do your end users struggle to navigate Workday? I can help by building a bespoke WalkMe solution to provide a step-by-step guide for your most complex and demanding business processes.

Are you an organisation that did not achieve all your original goals from your Workday deployment? I can help by carrying out a ‘health check’, helping you to identify your unmet needs.

Did you go live with Workday but struggle to find the capacity or guidance to continually improve? I can help you to find the best resolution by leveraging experience with clients from a wide range of industries, such as Finance, IT, Utilities and the charity sector (see below).

I will help you to identify the resources you may need to achieve a higher level of independence. This will help you maintain your systems and make continuous improvements.

Do you have a significant requirements backlog, and want to take the next step, but not sure how? I can help you prioritise the tasks in your backlog and clear any potential roadblocks. Sometimes it’s hard to identify an issue, and sometimes it’s hard to resolve it. I can help with both!

I have seen first-hand what makes for a successful deployment, and the common difficulties that can hold organisations back from continuing to achieve their original objectives. 

By leveraging my experience as both a client and a partner, I can give you the tools you need to take control of your Workday project and deliver a system that works day in, day out.

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